The Laughing Place Bakery

PHP, OctoberCMS, Foundation

The Laughing Place Bakery wanted to increase their online presence and move away from solely using a Facebook page for their online presentation. However, they wanted to be able to keep using Instagram to post daily deals, images, and updates to their clientele. 

To accomplish that, we set them up with a simple, clean website and added an Instagram integration that updated directly from their Instagram feed. This let them submit recent news and updates on Instagram and have those changes sent to their website as well.

Park University Volunteer

PHP, MySQL, Foundation

This design was born from the desire to increase volunteering in the Kansas City area by making it easy for people to find opportunities near them.

We worked closely with local non-profits to establish what information needed to be available, and used that to inform our design decisions. Particular emphasis was placed on easy database searching, so we really brought that out on the home page.

The project is currently maintained by the Park University career advancement department.

DB Down

Wordpress, PHP, Bootstrap, E-Commerce

We were asked to create an e-commerce site that would help customers quickly understand what the db-down product was and how to purchase it.

The landing page was designed to show potential clients exactly what the product was via a large slider on the top of the page, and users were guided to the purchasing section through call-to-action buttons.

Overall, our design focused on presenting unfamiliar technology to new customers, and we succeeded.