About Our Team

Boyer Web Studios is a family-owned website design and development company.

Established in 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, we are dedicated to bringing our customers creative visions to life. With a strong background in minimalist design, our websites serve as a crisp, professional face for your company in the digital world.

We are local, accessible, youthful and committed to excellent customer service and affordability. Our programmer has a BS degree in software engineering (summa cum laude) and 5 years’ experience in web design and development. Our business manager is in Business Administration at Park U, and our CEO has run effective businesses in Platte County for over 20 years.

  • We serve and value you, doing what we say and keeping our promises, on time. We commit to integrity, clear communication and affordable excellence
  • We value and support entrepreneurs, start-ups and small-businesses, the backbone of America. Everyone has a unique destiny and it thrills us to help make it happen.
  • As craftsmen, not cookie-cutters, we bring simplicity, innovation and inspiration to your design, and each website is personal for us. Your website will make a statement about you and us.
  • We’re personal. We talk human. We’ll listen, be your soundboard, collaborate and create with you, and help you present your own unique business face.